Adrenaline Garage

Adrenaline Garage is a leader in action sports live event and webcast production. Through their knowledge and ability to tell captivating stories through compelling and cutting edge webcasts, Adrenaline Garage can engage passionate fans from across the globe.

In the age of instant communication, Adrenaline Garage was founded in 2005 where producer, Jeff Harper saw an opportunity to increase the value of live broadcasting in non-mainstream sports by cultivating a larger, more engaged and better qualified audience through the art of storytelling.

Not only does Adrenaline Garage believe live online broadcasts will one day replace television, but their ability to engage and grow an audience allows sponsors to exceed the value of television because of lower cost production and enhanced viewer interaction.

Adrenaline Garage provides a comprehensive strategy and industry expertise that offers services, consultation and broadcasting best practices to its sponsors, and brings to life flawless live event action to any audience.

With the combination of storytelling, custom software development, a highly experienced crew and the right equipment and technology, Adrenaline Garage delivers action sports webcasts and their results to exceed what’s possible on TV.

Utilizing the latest technology to help brand online content and build audiences with custom motion graphics, enhanced scoring system development and existing social media platforms, Adrenaline Garage rethinks the way an event is communicated and tells a successful story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat, rather than laying around waiting for a tape-delayed event to start.

Adrenaline Garage is known for its live stream services for well-known events such as Formula Drift, Monster Energy Supercross and Colorado Freeride Festival and continues to work with clients to build its repertoire through expert services and its ability to capture moments through live event and webcast production.

Photo Credit: Larry Chen


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