American Muscle Cars

American Muscle Cars by Darwin Holmstrom with Photography by Tom Glatch is a true must have for any muscle car enthusiasts. Author Darwin Holmstrom brings to life the history of the American Muscle Car, with over 200 pages of automotive history and stunning photography this book has it all.

I enjoyed the fact that this book is well put together and I would have no problems adding this to my coffee table material for my guest to enjoy. From beginning to end this book takes you deep into the history of your favorite cars, from the most popular muscle cars of the era to those lesser known.

It begins with the story of when Pontiac’s chief engineer, John Z. DeLorean, and his team bolted a big-inch engine into the division’s intermediate chassis, they immediately invented the classic muscle car, creating the prototype for Pontiac’s GTO and changing the course of automotive history forever.

The author, Darwin Holmstrom is no stranger to the automotive world, having contributed to over 30 books on subjects ranging from motorcycles, muscle cars to Gibson Les Paul guitars, Indian Motorcycles and many more. Darwin is also the senior editor for Motorbooks, Prior to that he served as Midwestern editor for Motorcyclist magazine.

What completes this book is the stunning photography by Tom Glatch, he has contributed hundreds of stories and photographs to major collector, Corvette, Mustang, muscle car, and Mopar magazines. Tom grew up during the muscle car era and has brought his talents of capturing these pieces of automotive history right to your table.

So if your looking to expand your muscle car knowledge as well as own a great looking hardcover you can add to your collection then American Muscle Cars is for you.


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