I’m guilty of it, just ask my wife! cruising the back roads to our family destination and breaking my neck around every corner or peering aimlessly out in those farm fields hoping to see that one cool barn find that was once someone’s everyday transportation.

I am and always have been a car lover, I love everything about them! but the one thing I love even more then the cars themselves is the hunt. You see them all over social media and they now even have reality tv shows that feature the forgotten automobiles of yesterday but have long since been abandoned, whether they are tucked away in that old barn down the road or left in a field to spend their last days they still hold stories of yesterday and the latest book from author Tom Cotter takes you on that journey.

To say I was excited to receive this book is an understatement, Tom Cotter and photographer Michael Alan Ross have done a fantastic job of putting this book together. The pages are of high quality, the images are enough to make any true gear head drool and the stories they are able to share with you are nothing short of amazing. What I love most about this book is that the stories are real and not rehearsed like you see on so many of today’s automotive programs, You can sense the passion these men have for these cars and to me being a car fan myself that is what makes this book worth while.

I can already tell you that for me this book has and will receive plenty of reading time as I have followed both Tom and Michael on their journey through it’s pages, Not to mention it only makes me more excited to get out and continue my own quest for that long lost piece of steel for which we call a barn find!


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