Automotive Internet sales expert, Jim Flint announced today that his hit book for auto dealers, Car Dog Millionaire, is now available in an audio format for Apple, Android and Windows OS devices through iTunes and Car Dog Millionaire is a revolutionary book written for auto dealers and managers to increase their online earning potential. The book is also available in hard cover and paperback, as well as a digital format for tablets and hand-held devices.

“Car Dog Millionaire helps dealers expand their options with innovative digital platforms,” said Jim Flint, author of Car Dog Millionaire. “Since the book’s launch a few months ago, dealers across the country tell us how much they’ve profited from the strategies I present. Building on data I’ve collected for nearly a decade, Car Dog Millionaire takes a very practical approach to building car sales.”

Flint is the founder and president of Local Search Group and has extensive experience helping auto dealers realize their sales goals through strategic digital marketing. He works with a variety of dealers across the country that represent global marques, including Acura, Aston-Martin, Ford, GMC, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, Porsche, and Toyota, among many others. Flint presents his research and discusses his book with dealers at top industry events including Digital Dealer, CBT Conference & Expo, IS20 Groups, Internet Battle Plan and Innovative Dealer Summit.

“Car Dog Millionaire doesn’t create a level playing field,” said Mac DeLaup, President and Managing Partner of John Eagle Honda in Houston. “Instead, it gives savvy dealers a serious advantage. Increasing sales by building a greater digital presence is simple when you use the right system. Jim’s insight truly helps dealers, who are struggling to understand the digital frontier, with practical solutions to growing their car sales.”

The printed and digital versions of Car Dog Millionaire can be found on . The new audio book is available through iTunes and


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