Centerforce Expands High-Inertia Jeep JK Clutch/Flywheel Kits

Trail rigs can be clutch-killers. Adding larger tires and stalling on inclines can significantly shorten clutch life. To help overcome this for Jeep JK Wranglers, Centerforce now offers a 2007-2011 Dual Friction Kit for the 3.8L V-6 engine (Part No. DF098391) as a follow-up to its previous 2012-2015 kit for the existing 3.6L system (Part No. KDF379176). These clutch kits are engineered to be street-friendly while also improving low-speed off-road performance.

A direct replacement for the factory components, the Centerforce kits include a Dual Friction clutch and a heavy-duty billet steel flywheel. The 3.8L application weighs 50 pounds (compared to the OE 33-pound unit), and the 3.6L flywheel tips the scales at 45 pounds. The increased mass of the Centerforce high-inertia flywheels is designed to help maintain engine RPM in rough terrain. The flywheels are precision-balanced at the factory and meet SFI competition specifications.

The Dual Friction clutch assemblies are engineered for greater holding capacity, helping overcome the extra stress created by heavier-than-stock tires and wheels. Clamping force is increased by using a full friction surface on the pressure plate side of the clutch disc, then multiplying psi on the disc’s flywheel side into smaller area via segmented friction facings. Centerforce’s patented centrifugal weighting system, ball-bearing pressure plate and high-quality friction material are responsible for the increased torque-transfer capacity. Also, the Dual Friction system is engineered to remain streetable: pedal effort remains light and engagement is smooth.

The Dual Friction Jeep JK Kits are designed for direct-replacement bolt-in installation. The kit comes complete with an alignment tool pressure plate, friction disc, flywheel, pilot bearing, throw-out bearing and bolts.


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