Adventure Cowboy Cimarron Bad Boy

Cimarron Firearms released its modern take on a classic .44 Magnum single-action Army style revolver earlier this year and now The Adventure Cowboy, Clayton Marxer explains what makes the Bad Boy truly an “old west meets new west” gun for today’s sport shooter or collector in his latest video.

Designed by Cimarron Firearms founder and owner, Mike Harvey, the Bad Boy exemplifies the best of “old school” design with the Pre-War frame, Army grip, 6″ or 8″ octagonal barrel and non-fluted cylinder.

What sets the Bad Boy up to become a modern take on an old but popular style is the addition of an adjustable rear sight and a tall blade front sight making this an incredibly accurate gun. The Bad Boy in .44 magnum incorporates a modern power caliber in this iconic design.

“I love the Single Action Army/Peacemaker type revolvers, and have spent considerable time shooting them. They have a look and feel that just can’t be replicated by modern, magnum, double-action revolvers,” Clayton Marxer commented.

“That being said, I am also a hunter, so I appreciate magnum power and the accuracy of adjustable sights. The Cimarron “Bad Boy” .44 Magnum is the best of both worlds. With the Bad Boy, I get a true Single Action Army feel, with the Pre-War frame, Army grip, octagonal barrel, and hammer-mounted firing pin combined with .44 Magnum power and sights that make it easier to hit targets or game at distance with accuracy.”

“While there are other single action revolvers on the market, the Cimarron Bad Boy stands out from them all with a design that honors the cowboy heritage, while putting the power of a .44 Magnum in your hand,” added Marxer.


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