The Crimestopper SP-102 security system

You care about your ride? then you know the importance of a good security system and Crimestopper has you covered. The new 1 Way security and keyless entry system by Crimestopper is just what you need to keep your ride just the way you left it.

The Crimestopper SP-102 allows you to arm/lock, disarm/unlock and release the trunk as well as do all these functions in silence without the audible alerts which I like just for the fact I am not trying to draw unwanted attention to myself or my ride. Another cool feature is the SP-102 also works with electric or vacuum locking systems.

“Our new SP-102 is the start of our deluxe universal security system with keyless entry,” explained Alvin Klement, national sales manager security & safety products. “The system includes two small four-button remotes with up to 500 ft. of range, featuring a dual stage shock sensor, siren, and starter kill output. There is a lot of security packed into a very small package.”

With an MSRP of $69.95, the Crimestopper SP-102 is a true value especially when I know the amount of time and money spent on many of the rides I have come across over the years.


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