When Dan Met Ali

Two of Monster’s brightest UK stars collided recently when BMX hero Dan Lacey and Call Of Duty maestro Ali-A hung out to carve up the ramps and do battle on the small screen.

Even though their backgrounds might seem wildly different, Ali and Dan’s rises to prominence have more in common than you might thing – a combination of fierce dedication, hard work, passion, and of course, serious talent.

Monster Energy spoke to Ali about his favorite COD and his thoughts for the future.

Monster: What has been your favorite Call Of Duty?
Ali: Honestly, my favourite COD so far has to be Black Ops 3. It`s multiplayer experience is consistently fun and I find myself playing “just one more game” all the time!

Outside of COD, what do you play?
I am a massive Pokémon fanboy so with the announcement of Pokémon Moon & Sun I`ll surely be finding myself addicted that game when it`s released! 

And what’s the next big aim for Ali A?
My big goal for 2016 is to try and aim for 10,000,000 Subscribers. It`s a huge goal but if it happens I will be over the moon!

Check out what happened when Dan met Ali, including Ali’s efforts on the bike and Dan’s surprising COD capabilities!


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