F-150 Strobe Warning LED Lights

Ford is now offering a factory installed strobe warning LED light kit for the F-150 fleet for the very first time and I like the idea. The strobe light kit is designed to be used by utility or road construction crews that may need enhanced vehicle visibility to not only keep occupants and workers safe but you as a bypasser as well.

The kit uses weather resistant, durable, low power LEDs for continuous usage without taking to much toll on the battery and can be seen from as far away as 1000 feet during the day and up to a mile at night.

The forward facing signals are mounted high at the rear edge of the hood for maximum visibility, the rear facing signals are mounted on either side of the center high mounted stop lamp and provide up to 180 degrees of illumination. Customers can also program the flash pattern to meet specific fleet requirements should you need to.

Ford will also service these strobe lights at any of the more then 3,000 Ford dealerships nationwide but to order the Strobe lights for installation you must provide a fleet identification number. One last thing, the Strobe lights should only be used on or near work sites and not during normal road driving.


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