Hey Knuckleheads!! I’m sitting in my hotel room getting ready for bed, but before I crash for the night I wanted recap the last few weeks of this amazing new journey we’re on called the #GotYourSixTour.

Before I present my day in the life on tour blog, I would like to personally thank every music fan and loyal knucklehead that bought the new cd Got Your Six the opening week. In case you don’t already know we hit number 1 and 2 on two very important charts … #1 in overall sales and #2 in combined sales and streaming. I forget the term they use now but its overall consumption or something like that .. anyway, we’re excited that people are buzzin’ on the new album … I think it’s our best effort yet.  Jekyll and Hyde gets the crown chanting every night …. !!!

What its like…..

Every morning I wake up in my bunk .. the night before the bus was moving as I shut my light off and closed my eyes .. now it’s stopped … I pull my curtain open and scan the hallway of the bunk area to see if anyone is awake and ready for the morning Java Monster/coffee ritual … No one is awake yet, and Kael (opposite me) is snoring like a chain saw…

I’m awake now and love popping out of bed early, so I pull my earplugs out and stuff ‘em in the built in pouch inside my bunk and hop out. I blindly cram my hand in my duffle bag to pull out some clean clothes and proceed to get dressed as quietly as possible so I don’t wake anyone up.

It’s dark in bunk area so as soon as I’m dressed I grab the heavy door leading into the front lounge and slide it open. HEY it’s Jeremy … he IS up turns out … (sometimes he closes his curtain when he leaves his bunk, and i can never tell if he’s up or not, maybe this is a deliberate attempt to avoid me? … who knows)

Tommy! he says … (he always calls me by middle name, never Jason) I heard you get up and I poured you a Java …. we’re complete Java addicts. Thanks Fonz, I say .. (I never call him Jeremy, I have been calling him The Fonz for decades) how long you been up …. ? Turns out he woke up minutes before I did …. Kale is still snoring and we can hear it thru the solid door …..

We usually chat for a bit and then head inside to take a look at today`s arena, but not before we have at least 2 more coffee’s each (Java Monster for me.) By this time our band assistant Jyurikan (we never use his real name, Brad) is standing with us in the lounge and ready to take us inside .. the 1st thing we look for is either Java or a bathroom .. which ever one comes 1st.

to be continued ……


As told by Five Finger Death Punch/ Monster Energy


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