Katech Performance LT1 LT4

One of the world’s premier performance engine builders, Katech, has recently developed new CNC porting technology to increase horsepower on Gen 5 LT1 and LT4 engines found in C7 Corvettes and Gen 6 Camaros.

Katech’s CNC porting technology increases the heads’ airflow velocity and capacity. At .700-inches of lift, the heads flow 332 cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) on the intake side and 239 CFM on the exhaust side, compared to 295 CFM and 221 CFM, respectively, with stock ports. The combustion chambers are not touched in order to maintain factory compression ratio and ensure proper combustion with the engines’ direct-injection fuel system.

Katech offers new CNC-ported heads with no cores required and CNC porting services for customers’ cylinder heads. New LT1 ported heads, assembled with valves and springs, list for $1,499.99 while LT4 heads list for $3,299.99. Katech’s CNC cylinder porting service is available, for a limited time only, at $499 per pair.

The cylinder head-porting service requires customers remove, disassemble, wash and ship their heads. It is not an exchange service, and customers will receive the same heads they sent to Katech after the porting service has been completed.

Additionally, Katech offers complementary components to facilitate the ported heads’ installation, including new multilayer steel (MLS) head gaskets, head bolts, ARP head studs and high-performance valve train components.

“To make more power, you need to process more air,” said Jason Harding, director of aftermarket operations at Katech. “Our proprietary CNC-porting program consistently optimizes airflow to complement other upgrades such as higher-flowing intake and exhaust systems, high-performance camshafts, stroker combinations, superchargers and supercharger upgrades. Our ported heads are instrumental in Katech’s Stage II engine packages that deliver 600 HP (horsepower) in the LT1 and 750 HP in the LT4.”


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