KrawlZone has announced that on Tuesday, March 29th at 7AM they will make available their latest production, “KrawlZone Takes On The Hammers” in a world wide virtual event.  If you’re not available at that time, you can watch the episode at your leisure at any point afterward. KrawlZone makes their episodes available to the public free of charge. This is possible because of their generous sponsors.

KrawlZone Takes On The Hammers” will be a different experience from previous KrawlZone episodes. “This episode is a departure from our traditional episodic format that has a news magazine style.” Said Nathan Riddle, host and owner of KrawlZone. “In KrawlZone takes on the Hammers, we chose to produce a cinematic documentary that we think our audience is going to love.”

This film isn’t KrawlZone’s traditional coverage of the event as a whole, but rather, it’s a slice of life from the perspective of the KrawlTek Racing team and follows Mr KrawlZone from preparation to the end of the race. By utilizing this new format, the KrawlZone team hopes to give viewers a glimpse of what it takes for an underdog to compete in one of the most extreme off-road races.

To help spread the word about the release of this new film by KrawlZone, there has been an event created on Facebook where you can invite friends to participate. Individuals who are active in sharing the event and chatting on their wall or on the event wall on facebook, will have a chance to win stickers and t-shirts throughout the day on the 29th. “This is a way for us to help give back to the fans that help us push KrawlZone forward”, stated Brian Riddle, producer and editor for KrawlZone. “Without our fans we don’t have a show, so we want to recognize them.” KrawlZone shirts can be purchased on the Amazon.com website, keyword: KrawlZone. 


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