McLaren Special Operations MSO Carbon Series 675LT Spider

The MSO Carbon Series 675LT Spider is a true masterpiece. Built by McLaren Special Operations and limited to just 25 units globally (which are already sold out), The Carbon Series LT was produced due to the overwhelming response to the carbon fiber McLaren P1 which was recently displayed at the International Geneve Motor Show. 

Light weight and optimized aerodynamic performance is the foundation of the 675LT, the gloss carbon fiber which is skillfully applied over the entire body of the car creates an image worthy of any art gallery but we all know she belongs on the road where it’s true beauty can be realized.

In total, around 40% of the MSO Carbon Series is carbon fiber which requires a significant increase in development work by the team of MSO craftsman and that is why only 25 units are all that will be produced of this series. For those wanting to retro-fit the gloss carbon fiber to an already ordered 675LT well, you are out of luck.

You simply cannot have a car such as the 675LT Spider and not have the heart to match the body, under that gloss carbon fiber skin sits a heavily revised 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 powertrain originally from it’s Coupe sibling creating performance figures worthy of wearing the LT badge.

Though numbers still remain the same with 666 horsepower delivered with 516 lb ft of torque, the changes to the powertrain which include more efficient turbos, detail design changes to the cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds, new camshafts and lightweight connecting rods as well as a faster flowing fuel pump and delivery system saw more then 50% of the components replaced to ensure the optimized levels of power, torque and drivability worthy of such a masterpiece.

What is the overall difference once all the numbers are put to the test? acceleration from 0-62 takes just 2.9 seconds, 124 mph is achieved in just 8.1 seconds with a top claimed speed of 203 mph. The production of the MSO Carbon Series LT is set to begin this autumn with first deliveries expected before the end of 2016, but like I mentioned before this production run has already been spoken for which means the rest of us are just going to have to enjoy the view from here.


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