ATOM Amplifiers Precision Power

New from Precision Power for 2017, the elegantly designed ATOM amplifiers, giving you both optimum class D performance as well as reliability. The all new amplifiers were formally introduced during the 2017 CES event.

The ATOM’s signal inputs, power/ground, and speaker connections are all re-located to the leading edge of the chassis, for an easier, more appealing install, and all pre-amp & crossover options are conveniently located on the opposite side, allowing for easier adjustment after installation.

Further enhancing the user experience, is the Precision Power LED badge at the top of the amplifier that illuminates white when powered and red for protection.

What is not readily apparent are additions to the circuit board, including increased power supply & output stage components, & monoblock bridging capability. All 2017 ATOM models include a 4ch, 5ch, & class D monoblocks of up to 2,000 watts.

The new sleek black satin etched Hi Fi design with polished billet aluminum vibration and sound isolating feet make for a high-end quality install. To protect your product, lifted mounts allows for surrounding airflow and cooling to the amplifier.

“These amplifiers are uniquely different than any we’ve offered to consumers previously,” said Paul Goldberg, Epsilon vice-president, sales & marketing. “We believe ATOM will be key to our 2017 product offering for Precision Power brand.”


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