Road Glide Fairing Pouch

Extra storage is always nice to have on your motorcycle, especially when it is not big and bulky like I know some storage compartments can be. But big and bulky is not the case with the new custom fit Fairing Pouch ($154.95 USD) for your 2015 or later Harley Davidson Road Glide motorcycle.

The new Road Glide Fairing Pouch is shaped so that it fits perfectly on top of the fairing and right behind the windshield and deflectors, this still gives you a nice clean look but is large enough that you can easily store smaller items with ease while keeping them in an easy to reach distance.

The enclosures are magnetic for quick and easy access to your mobile device, sunglasses, keys or other smaller items. The Fairing Pouch is also wrapped in UV resistant vinyl to keep your Fairing Pouch looking great for years to come even when putting on those highway miles while your bike bask in the sun.

Please take note that the this Fairing Pouch does not fit with the Road Glide Low Profile windscreen, But if you are looking to add some very handy storage to your 2015 or later Harley Davidson Road Glide then you may want to take a look at one of these yourself.


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