Miss Enthusiast 3-in-1 Leather Jacket

The new Miss Enthusiasts 3 in 1 Leather Jacket ($475 USD) from Harley Davidson Motor Clothes offers women not only a functional jacket but a flattering silhouette as well, This is a jacket that ladies can wear both on and off the motorcycle and look great when she does.

The lightweight black cowhide not only offers great protection while riding but it fits over a black poly Spandex fleece hoodie that can be worn separately. The hoodie has extended arms and thumb holes that keep both hands and wrists warm as well as can tuck nicely into your motorcycle gloves when needed.

One feature that ANY rider likes to have is the front and rear vents which allows air flow through your jacket as you ride to maximize comfort. You will also find inside the jacket, waterproof cell phone and MP3 pockets to keep your electronics close to you and protected from the elements.

Harley Davidson Motor Clothes knows how to make clothing for the serious rider by adding safety, style, function and comfort to their clothes. So ladies, if your looking for that jacket to add to your riding gear I would suggest taking a look at the Miss Enthusiasts 3 in 1 before your next trip on the open road.


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