NIssan 370Z NISMO donut day

For those who may have missed it, June 3rd was #NationalDonutDay and I am still feeling the effects of a few to many. But Nissan took the celebration up a knotch by inviting Formula Drift icon Chris Forsberg to put his own spin on the national holiday.

His mission, to fling thousands of those tiny sprinkles onto more then 300 donuts using the Nissan 370Z NISMO. It doesn’t take a math genius to determine that it will take a whole lot of sprinkles to achieve this feat and by a lot, I mean 2 pallets full of the tiny tasty morsels.

Weighing more then 2,800 pounds, and using all 350 horses under the hood of the 370Z NISMO, Forsberg made 15 passes to ensure that each donut received it’s proper layer of sprinkled goodness.

By the time all was said and done, more then 325 donuts and 120 boxes of sprinkles were used to create the stunt. Now that is quite the sweet stunt I admit, but seeing that 370Z NISMO served up with sprinkles is enough to make anybody smile.


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