NiteSite, the UK company and developers of infrared technology, for predator hunting, are proud to announce Laura Burgess Marketing as their choice for a public relations firm to grow brand awareness of their patented night vision products for hunting and zero light observation.

NiteSite rifle scopes convert day scopes into powerful night vision systems without removing the scope. NiteSite’s products mount quickly and easily and work with 99% of scopes on the market today. There is no loss of zero or adjustment of the scope. Simply mount the unit, switch it on and the gun is ready for night time hunting.

The NiteSite product line includes the Eagle, Viper and Wolf and the RTEK versions of the same that allow integral recording of any nighttime outdoor adventure. Also available from NiteSite is the handheld Spotter XTREME monocular.

The NiteSite module houses powerful (IR) illuminators delivering a range of up to 550 yards, depending upon the model. The target is illuminated (invisible to people and animals) and the infrared view through the scope is played back live to the viewer on the screen with crystal clarity. A variety of units for scopes and hand held are available to accommodate any style night hunting and any budget.

“The LBM team is thrilled to be working with NiteSite and their line of exciting night vision products for hunting,” Laura Burgess, President of Laura Burgess Marketing said. “We look forward to getting the NiteSite brand out there to the predator and varmint hunters and look forward to seeing lots of success out in the field.”

“NiteSite is a relatively new brand here in the US with an exceptional track record overseas,” Neil Spiers, NiteSite Group International Sales Director added. “We needed a US partner that had the right contacts and reputation to drive our brand awareness and sales goals. Laura Burgess Marketing fit that need and we look forward to a positive relationship with LBM and the US market.”


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