Permatex Fast Orange Xtreme

If you spend much time in the garage, your going to know exactly what I am talking about. I can’t count the times I have been busted, leaving my grease trail throughout the house as I ramble for something to drink or eat and swearing I had just washed my hands.

For those times when normal soap just will not do, Permatex has created the ultimate solution to making sure you no longer leave your snail trail of grease through your wife’s freshly cleaned kitchen.

The new Fast Orange Xtreme Hand Cleaner is the latest expansion to the #1 selling Fast Orange Hand Cleaner. It is designed for us automotive guys and delivers more cleaning power than the original Fast Orange Hand Cleaner as well as other competitive brands.

No longer will you smell as if your latest cologne is 91 octane, as it features new odor eliminating technology that neutralizes the smell of gasoline as well as other common odors. It also features several skin conditioning ingredients to help prevent your skin from drying and cracking.

Permatex Fast Orange Xtreme is available in a 15-ounce Rocker Cap bottle, and a one-gallon pump. The Rocker Cap design, which was recently introduced by Permatex as an automotive first and allows for easy, one-hand use helping keep the bottle clean and free of grease.


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