It was time, we had enough and knew it was time to open her up. So when we decided to add that low end note to our 2014 GMC Sierra with the 5.3 Liter V8 we contacted Borla Exhaust who hooked us up with one of their new performance series exhaust systems. One of the first things that caught my attention is the ability to DIY with little mechanical experience and it can easily be done in an afternoon. But for this review I contacted my good friends at Sonny’s Speed Shop in Twin Falls Idaho to assist me with this install as I would need a lift to give me the ability to snap shots of the process and equipment.

I have to say that it took us longer to figure out how to properly suction the GoPro to the vehicle and link it up to our smartphones then it did to do the installation. So it was time to remove the old exhaust which took about 45 min, you will have 4 rubber isolators and 1 clamp you will need to around when removing the old exhaust. Borla designed this system to bolt right in to the factory locations with no welding or cutting of any kind though it may be different with a long bed truck (ours was a short box) so please note that.

You will need to keep the factory clamp (shown below) as you will need it when bolting the new system up to the factory location. The Borla kit also includes heat tape that will protect the brakes lines from the new exhaust where it exits on the driver side. I was thoroughly impressed with how simple this exhaust was to install, it took us about another 45 min to install the new system to our project truck and it was well worth it! As I mentioned we had a lift for our review plus I had 3 others there to assist me with the project so the time will vary depending on your situation.

When installing your new system please take safety first by properly adding supports under the vehicle and if possible use a lift, The following is a list of components used and tools which we used to do the install.

Borla Exhaust part numbers ordered for this install:

P/N 140544, 140545, 140546, 140547, 140548 and 140549

Tools used:

15mm Socket, 13/16″ Socket, 13MM wrench, Needle Nose and a flat head screw driver (instructions also include a tools required list)


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