Dickies Apparel

My son, over the years he has become my side kick in nearly every aspect of my life, through business, hobbies, trips, and more, he has been there. He follows my footsteps in nearly every aspect of my life and that includes some of my favorite apparel, Dickies!

Dickies are a regular name in my household, they are comfortable, durable, won’t break the bank, and very well made in every aspect. They can easily go from the garage to hitting up your favorite event, and never skip a beat.

So when my son knew he was finally old enough to start wearing his own Dickies apparel, he has not looked back since. On the top of his list are the Dickies shorts, made just like the larger adult sizes, the shorts are loose fitting which he likes, and work very well with his very active lifestyle.

Another favorite of both his and mine (which it also comes in adult sizes as well!), is the Short Sleeve Performance Tee ($11.99 MSRP). This tee allows you to breath thanks to it’s light 190 Gms, 100% Polyester fabric, and with the weather hitting the triple digits lately, this is a welcome addition to both our closets.

Let’s face it, kids are hard on their clothing, and finding clothing that can take the abuse of a kids daily activities can sometimes be difficult. That is where the Dickies Twill Short Sleeve Shirt ($17.99 MSRP) comes into play. Made from 5-1/4 oz Twill, 65% Polyester/35% Cotton, this shirt is the shirt that is built to take abuse no matter what your kids next activity may be.

To me, Dickies aren’t just something we put on. They have been there through projects, grease, outdoor activities, ball games and more. They have endured bumps, bruises, cuts, tears and made memories. To both me and my son, Dickies apparel has become a huge part of who we are!


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