GoLight GXL Offroad Light

The folks at Golight have for some time produced great LED lighting options for automobiles, boats and other applications. The all new GXL #4211 has upped the companies offroad game, giving offroaders the ability to light up the night in style.

The GXL #4211 offers 9-32V DC power input with voltage protection and anti-polarity protection as well. You get 130,000 Peak beam intensity with a 12° spot beam. What does that mean? It means a more intense beam without light bleeding where it’s not intended. It has a high impact lens with 4 heavy duty brush guards to protect the already durable lens. Each lamp only draws 2 amps at 13.8V. You also get an Anodized Aluminum heat sink, a durable nylon housing and six a air induction ports to help regulate temperature and provide longer product life. And all this atop a powder coated stainless steel mounting bracket. You get all these features covered by a Five year warranty. I call that awesome.

My personal experience with this light has been awesome. One of these lights put out enough light to fill a neighborhood. So like any smart man, I used two. I’ve seen pics of these mounted to Jeeps and trucks, I mounted them to my UTV. And honestly they look great on it. Mounting these lights up was a sinch. Using standard roll bar clamps they bolted right into the mounting bracket. Simple as tightening a bolt. Using a standard 2 leg led wiring harness I tied the wires in and boom, we had light.

The Golight GXL #4211 is remarkably light weight and not bulky. It gave my UTV a slim but rugged look. And with 7 high output Cree LEDs it gives you the light output you look for from a high quality LED light. Can I also say I love the color of light these lamps emit, more near that of Daylight white light. Way better than my stock yellow colored halogen headlights.

These lamps are setup in a spot beam pattern which with most LED light bars or PODs gives you only a long distance light output not lighting up certain areas and leaving light holes in your field of vision.  These GXL lamps had so much intensity that with further distance the beam widened and lit up everything in front of me. The light output also gave me more light all around eliminating light holes and giving me a fuller view with light where I wanted it. In the forest it light up the trees near and far and made for easy distinction in distance. I’ve had lights that have such poor output that at night while driving I can not tell just how far away a turn is or a big bump. With this type of light output it not only makes it fun to off road at night but obviously makes it safer. And isn’t that what we all want from an off-road light, Fun and Safety? I highly recommend these lights for anyone going off the highway and into the dark.

By Jason ‘Repsol’ Bean


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