Rise Vusion FPV Race Pack

Have you ever wanted to get into drone racing? Have you watched those awesome FPV racing videos online and said I want to try that? Well, now you can stop asking and start doing. Hobbico gives you a streamlined opportunity to get into the drone racing scene, streamlined because you don’t have to go out and buy multiple products to start racing.

The Rise Vusion is the first and only injection molded RTF (Ready to FLY) 250 size racing drone. What does injection molded mean? It means this thing is built tough. Literally built to withstand the blows and crashes of learning to fly, or the intensity and impacts of full on race action.

Let me just say this, the Rise Vusion is awesome. This machine is fast, agile, cool, and fast. Did I say it’s fast? It has a modular design which I love, where if you crash the Vusion and break a motor or an arm, you don’t need to replace the entire body of the drone. The arms screw off and are easily replaced. Simply attach the new arm using the screws and it’s connected, no wiring or soldering required. It’s that easy.

I learned just how tough this drone was through personal experience. I crashed it a couple of times and it handled the crashes like a champ. I didn’t have to replace any parts, not even a blade. Now that is cool.

One thing I really enjoy about this quad is that it comes with the goggles for FPV flying. Seriously you can’t find that anywhere else. It comes with the 4.3” monitor that you can record the video to an installed SD card. You can also record video directly to an SD card inside the drone.

The transmitter that comes with the Race Pack is setup perfectly, the controls are easy to understand and nothing is out of reach of your fingers while flying. You can click the record video button or the take a picture button with ease.

The Vusion has 3 flight modes. Beginner, intermediate and Pro aka Acro-mode. I highly suggest your first flights be in beginner mode. It takes some getting used to if this is your first time flying a race drone. But man, gobs of fun are available in the beginner mode. As you move through the flight modes the drones pitch and angle change.

In Acro-mode there is literally no limitation on the angles of flight. You want flips, acro-mode. You want barrel-rolls, acro-mode. It hovers really well and is easy to trim for stable flight.

The camera on the Vusion gives a great clear 2 megapixel resolution view. I flew in bright daylight and I flew at dusk and the camera handled the light changes like a champ. Even after my crashes the camera was clear and kept doing its job without any issues.

The Race Pack includes the batteries for the transmitter and a 3s 1500mAh LiPo battery. I found my flight times to range from 8-15 minutes depending on how hard I was flying, with a charge time of usually about an hour and a half. The Vusion does have a great feature in that the drones lights do blink and it gives off a beeping noise to advise the pilot of a low battery.

Another great feature of the Vusion is if you crash the quad, lose signal or lose sight of it, the Vusion makes the beeping sound helping you to find it. That will no doubt come in handy for many pilots for sure.

I’ve had a great time flying the Rise Vusion. It’s tons of fun and tons of speed. If you’re ready to step into the drone racing life, the Rise Vusion is the way to go.

Words by Jason “Repsol” Bean


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