Solo Portal Sleeve

Are you the type of person that likes style? Are you the type of person that likes protection for your valuable electronics devices? Well you are in luck. The people over at Solo produce some of the highest quality bags and cases on the market, and bags that consumers both want and need for their urban lifestyle.

Just one example of this high quality product line is the Solo Portal Sleeve ($29.99 MSRP). The Portal Sleeve comes in two available sizes with a 13.3” and a 15.6” sleeve capable of protecting a great majority of the laptops currently out on the market.

They are made of a lightweight space tech inspired mesh foam material that gives the bag an awesome look but also offers great protection for your device. That’s a win win for anyone looking to protect their laptops yet still roam in style.

When I first got my hands on the Solo Portal Sleeve, I was amazed with how nice it was. So many companies focus on just the protection of an electronic device that they’ve forgotten that people want style also.

The padding inside the portal is definitely well placed, and designed to keep your items safe. But what is really cool is that the padding has multiple air holes as I’d like to call them, that allow for movement of the pad which like a motorcycle helmet will help absorb impacts. Plus it makes the Portal super light and super slim.

I also like the feel of the exterior fabric, it gives me more confidence when carrying my laptop inside the sleeve that I won’t lose grip of it or have it slip from my hands. Solo has really put a lot of thought into the construction of the Portal so that it both meets and exceeds your expectations of what a quality laptop sleeve should be, this is why it gets 2 thumbs up from this guy!

Words by: Jason ‘Repsol’ Bean


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