Traditions Performance Mountain Rifle

Upon opening the box to the Traditions Performance Mountain Rifle it immediately took me back to the days of fur trappers and mountain explorers living off the land and in a world where the saying “only the strong survive” truly meant just that.

I admit, I was out of my comfort zone on this one, having no knowledge what so ever with the world of Muzzleloader firearms. But with the help of some good friends, and the helpful staff at Traditions, I was on my way to the range but only after a quick stop to pick up supplies.

The guys at the local sporting goods store were helpful as always, and made sure I had what I needed. I ended up purchasing CCI percussion caps, Pyrodex powder, a small powder measure and some lubed ball patches.

I did have some difficulty with the first firing as I found a little bit of excess oil in the tang. Honestly this did not surprise me due to this being a brand new rifle, but it had soaked my powder to the point of causing it to not fire. After a good cleaning though we had no further issues and enjoyed sending a few down the range.

The gun’s accuracy I should say was rather good considering my limited experience with Muzzleloaders, thanks to the gun’s 32″ octagonal barrel, the gun did just fine on longer distances though it probably could have done better with a more experienced Muzzleloader marksman.

For those interested, Traditions also offers the gun as a do-it-yourself kit, this gives avid Muzzleloader enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase and build their own version of the Mountain Rifle, and is just one of the many kits that Traditions has to offer.

Overall, The Traditions Muzzleloader is a very well put together rifle and can easily fit in on any wall or mountain range. The classic rifle styling is absolutely stunning and the replicated rust brown finish only adds to the vintage look of this modern mountain masterpiece.


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