Weego JS12 Power Unit

It has happened to me many times, in fact it happened to my wife just a couple of weeks ago. You come out of work, go to start your car and boom…. nothing and I have even been lucky enough to have absolutely no one around I could ask for a quick jump. I don’t know about you, but at this point I always feel like banging my head against the steering wheel.

The Weego JS12 Jump Starter is something I wish I would have had on many of those occasions. Not only does the Weego JS12 fit in the palm of your hand, the unit produces enough power to jump start your vehicle several times (circumstances changing of course) and will fit easily back in your glove box.

Luckily I have not needed to jump start a vehicle since my wife’s car died at work so I have not had the chance to test it’s jump start capabilities in the real world. But what I have been using it for are my devises such as my cell phone and tablets, especially when I am on location for a shoot or event where power supplies are limited.

Yep, that is right! These units have the ability to charge everything from your cell phone to your tablets and laptops while on the go which has been extremely convenient for me. It also comes with the needed connections such as 3 in 1 USB Charging Cord, 8 laptop/ device connectors and an adapter cable and carrying case.

It  has several aftermarket accessories you may find handy like a 12V memory saver for when you remove your battery from your vehicle, this accessory allows you to change your battery without losing or having to reset anything.

Another accessory you may want to get when purchasing the Weego JS12, is the 12V DC Adapter which allows you to use your Weego JS12 as a power source for those 12V cigarette lighter accessories you may have. This could be very convenient when you only have 1 cigarette lighter and 2-3 accessories that may need to be plugged in.

Can’t find your keys or searching for something in your car and  no light? No worries, the built in LED Flashlight has 4 separate settings which include a simple flashlight, a strobe light or even the SOS for when you may be stranded and looking for road side assistance.

I was very impressed with the Weego JS12 power unit. It also has 2 other available sizes, the JS6 which is for smaller 4.6 liter gas engines or 2.4 liter diesel engines,  up to the JS18 which is for 9.6 liter gas motors or 4.8 liter diesel engines. The JS 12 I had would be rated for 6.4 liter gas engines to 3.2 liter diesel engines.

So next time your hitting the road on that long trip or going to that event where you may be needing your cellular devices, make sure to take the Weego portable power unit with you. This little unit may just come in handier then you ever imagined.


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