Most classic car owners would go to extremes to protect their collectible vehicles, especially the paint.  XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film is a new, high tech way to protect classic vehicles from stone chips, scratches and abrasions. XPEL offers precut patterns for most late model vehicles, however, for classic and muscle cars, for which a pre-cut pattern doesn’t exist, XPEL ULTIMATE film can be hand cut and applied by a skilled professional. The extremely rugged, self-healing XPEL ULTIMATE offers greater stretch than most paint protection films on the market today, making it the go-to paint protection film for uniquely shaped vehicles.

In truth, the paint on classic vehicles is often in greater danger of being inadvertently scratched or nicked than paint on a daily driver. That’s because classic car owners often display their vehicles at car shows, which can require transporting the vehicle in a single open trailer or shipping the car via a specialty carrier that’s moving multiple vehicles.   Plus, once the vehicle arrives at the event, damage can occur as multitudes of onlookers are leaning over it and brushing against it when admiring the vehicle’s beauty.  The entire experience exposes rare vehicles to numerous opportunities for scratches, chips or dings to occur.

What’s more, many valuable vehicles have undergone frame-up or rotisserie restorations, which are costly. Enthusiasts who invest to that extent in a vehicle’s restoration can realize the biggest return by taking the final step in protection: applying paint protection film, not only to protect the finish, but also to prevent rust.

XPEL offers several types of paint protection films, ranging from headlight and door edge protection films to STEALTH protection film for matte finishes. For classic cars, however, XPEL’s ULTIMATE is ideal. A virtually invisible urethane film, ULTIMATE features a clear coat and special elastomeric polymers that “heal” over time, so swirl marks and fine scratches are naturally eliminated.

“We designed ULTIMATE with a low surface energy, which enables it to shed contaminants such as road grime, air pollution, bird droppings and tree sap,” said Ryan Pape, CEO, XPEL. “It’s warrantied for 10 years, so this gives classic cars owners reassurance their vehicle will retain their gloss and clarity for many years.”


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