Rawtin Garage Walking Dead tribute bikeAfter building the Captain America bike for Chris Evans, his latest project would turn out to be just as unique.

John is the owner of Rawtin Garage, a custom paint and bodywork shop based out of Salt Lake City Utah.

Being a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, he decided to build his own version of the Walking Dead Daryl Dixon motorcycle which would debut at the 2016 Comic Con event in Salt Lake City.

From the beginning John wanted to keep the bike’s look as close as possible to the one used on season 5-6 of the Walking Dead.

He started with a 1991 Honda Nighthawk 750 he found on the local classifieds and the tear down began.

Chris from Salt Lake Motorcycle Co hooked John up with a whole mess of parts needed for the build including those killer knobby tires.

Bills Boneyard, also out of Salt Lake City proved to be another valuable resource for this build, providing both the tank and the handlebars.

John knew for a build like this, salvage yards would be his best friend and he was right.

Once John had all the parts he needed, the bike was turned over to Slade Hawks, John’s in house fabricator who built many of the one off parts that went onto this bike as well as making some slight frame modifications.

To create that distressed look you see throughout the tank and fender, John took the metal down to bare, washed those parts in a vinegar and salt bath, then applied a hydrogen peroxide spray until he reached the desired effect then clear coated.

The black smudges were created by using a high temp wrinkle paint and a rag.

Looking closer there are many smaller features John handled personally, including hand painting many of the parts on the motor himself to the worn out carrier bags hanging from the sides and that cool custom seat.

This bike looked right at home on the set of our zombie infested photo shoot and had plenty of fans stopping and wanting their pictures taken with it, I think even Norman Reedus himself would have been proud.

Model: Jessica Rico @jessicarico13

MUA: Kaylee Forsgren

Zombie: Diane Roberts

Zombie Makeup: Jonathon Aspittle

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