Szymon Godziek

Polish slopestyle rider Szymon Godziek has lit up the mountain bike slopestyle scene in recent years with his trademark, gung-ho approach to courses wherever he competes in the world. The daredevil Pole, 25, from Suszec decided to choose the final stage of the 74th Tour de Pologne to perform the world’s first backflip over a peloton on a professional road bike.

He switched from his customary mountain bike to the road bike for extra dramatic effect and wore classic cycling gear as his road colleagues zipped past through Bukowina Tarzańska.

Afterwards he said, “The difference between my dirt bike and a road bike is huge. The tires are thin, the handlebars are much narrower, the frame geometry is totally different, and of course the weight – a road bike is much lighter and acts differently in mid-air.”

“For me the biggest challenge was to get familiar with the specifics of riding on that kind of bike. I had practiced the jump itself numerous times, so it wasn’t difficult for me, and I felt great on the road bike.”

“The fact that I was the first one in the world to perform a jump like that means a lot to me. I’m glad that it happened in Poland at the final stage of the Tour de Pologne,” added Godziek.

A backflip is a standard trick in the repertoire of every slopestyler, but landing it on a road bike after a nine-meter flight involves a completely new level of difficulty particularly off a specially prepared kicker hidden underground.

Even though Romain Marandet jumped over a peloton in 2013, it was a downhill bike not a tricky road one which makes Godziek’s feat that bit more special in the history books.

Organizer Adam Siluta added, “I knew right from the beginning that it was a great idea. The Tour the Pologne is a world-class event and Red Bull is globally famous for its extraordinary projects.”


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