Just what is a hot rod? When we asked ourselves this question images of 50’s style back roads score settling, fathers and sons working on that old car in the garage and car clubs meeting at the local drive in for some good food and great times but we learned that there is just a little bit more when you are asked to define such an important part of history. After reading Maine author M. deLesseps’ new book, The Great American Hot Rod Explained we were amazed at just how much we did not know and found every page interesting and intriguing.

Released by the American Hot Rod Foundation, this book is truly a must read for anyone who loves hot rods, packed with colorful watercolor illustrations by the author it is sure to please anyone who enjoys the automotive culture as much as we do. The book traces the evolution of hot rod engines and modifications and looks at tools as well as other facets of the hobby as it “tells the magical tale of hot rodding.”

“Almost from the beginning of the American Hot Rod Foundation in 2002, we thought about publishing a book on hot rodding that would explain to kids and adults what this great hobby is all about,” says Steve Memishian, founder and director of the foundation. “It would slow down the reader from today’s warp speed, go back in time and experience hot rods and hot rodding for what it was then — fun, adventure, camaraderie and common sense.”

The author, M deLesseps from South Freeport Maine, is an award-winning art director who spent 40 years in New York advertising agencies and is also a lifelong hot rod owner and builder. “To me there’s nothing like a well-built hot rod, and I have owned and built many,” he says. “I have the best memories of short and long hot rod trips all across the country.”

This book does a fantastic job of defining the age old question, what is a hot rod? though, we are not sure whether that question will ever have a definitive answer we really enjoyed M. deLesseps words and illustrations that took us back to the days that started it all. You may order one of these books for yourself at the AHRF website,  http://www.ahrf.com/ for $19.95 where you will also find thousands of catalogued car photos, video and more, all designed to preserve, promote and celebrate the history of hot rodding.


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