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We’ve all seen them before – the man who shovels a foot of snow off his truck every morning because
there’s no room to park it in his garage, or the woman whose lawn and property are the epitome of
curbside appeal until the garage door opens, revealing a disorganized mess. Most of us care more
about what our neighbors think than we’d like to admit. And often, the inside of the garage is the
part of your home interior that they are likely to see. Couple that with the fact that the garage
can be the largest room in a house, the least expensive to remodel, and the space most likely to
serve a dual purpose (e.g. man cave, workout room, workshop, etc.), and you’ll see why garage
enhancement is gaining ground from coast to coast.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 Trends in garage organization from the experts at Tailored Living®
featuring PremierGarage®:

1) Upgrading the Floor with Coating
Finishing the garage floor is one of the final steps in extending a home’s usable living space
through utilizing what is sometimes the largest single-room space in a home. Not only does the
addition of floor coating improve the overall look and feel of the garage, but it also provides a
layer of protection and makes it easier to clean, reducing the amount of dirt and grease that gets
tracked into the home.

2) Upgrading the Floor with Flex Tile
In addition to offering the aforementioned benefits, garage floor tiles can be crafted from eco-friendly
recycled plastic or rubber. Furthermore, ventilated floor tiles serve as drainage for snow or rain,
resulting in a safer, smoother walking surface for your family. They also come in various patterns
and colors to help customize your garage.

3) Adding Overhead Shelving for Storage
There’s a reason self-storage facilities have proved recession-proof. Rising home and office rental
rates have forced many to downsize, thus increasing the need for suitable self-storage. But while a
typical two-car garage is about 400 square feet, this translates to several hundred cubic feet if
you think vertically. So why pay a monthly rental fee when you have so much space available on your
own home turf? Garage shelves not only allow you to take full advantage of every inch
available, they also allow you to easily access and view all of your organized belongings.

4) Adding Garage Cabinetry for Storage
In addition to helping you make the most of every inch of your living space, wall cabinets provide
protection for your belongings far better than cardboard boxes by keeping out dust and household pests.
Furthermore, enclosed cabinets with clothing rods and cedar linings offer a great place to store winter
clothing and items that you only use for a small portion of the year. Stainless steel and powder-coated
cabinet varieties can be coordinated to match your floor’s color scheme.

5) Color Coordination
From cabinet finish to floor coating, virtually every facet of your garage interior can be color
coordinated. Color coordination can both create an extension of your home interiors, and complement
the color of your cars, enhancing curb appeal and overall aesthetics.

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6) Adding a Gridwall with Hooks and Fixtures
A gridwall can organize yard tools, cords and athletic equipment—as well as a variety of other items—while
still keeping them at eye level and easy to access. Again, think vertically to get as much as possible
off of the floor area. The right side of the garage is ideal for gridwalls because it keeps the left side
clear for drivers exiting their vehicles. Adjustable storage solutions will serve you better than
fixed-position solutions so consider a slat wall or peg board for more flexibility.

7) Adding Overhead Garage Storage
The addition of overhead storage solutions attached to the ceiling helps utilize every inch of space and
is a great option for storing infrequently used items like holiday decorations or old baby clothes without
sacrificing valuable floor or wall space.

8) Labeling
Once you have all your items organized on shelves, in cabinets, or on gridwalls, it’s important to
simplify the process of finding what you want, when you want it. Use clearly labeled plastic bins instead
of cardboard boxes or anything else you can’t see through to avoid spending half your holiday season in
search of Christmas decorations.

9) Applying Garage Lighting Upgrades
With many garages now serving multiple purposes, sub-par light fixtures are no longer an option. Whether
your garage serves as a craft area, a workshop, or a kid’s playroom, improved lighting is a must to make
it a comfortable space. It can be achieved with some simple lighting upgrades such as large ceiling lights,
flood lights, or the addition of under-cabinet light fixtures.

10) The Full-fledged Garage Makeover
Some garage situations require an all-in approach that combines all of the above tips to create an
impressive organized storage or living space for you and your family. Whatever purpose you want your
garage to serve, reducing clutter will lower stress and ultimately give you peace of mind.

Visit today to learn more about the tips and trends that will guide you towards
designing and organizing your very own dream garage.

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