Torqued Mag had the opportunity to sit down with the LFL wide receiver and running back Courtnee White for some good old fashioned one on one time and I am glad we did.Cortnee White LFL

Cortnee White is a woman who knows what she wants and is definitely not scared to go after it, I won’t give to much away and I’ll let the interview do the talking.

TM: For those who may not know you play for the LFL, could you tell us what team you are currently with and what position you play?

CW: I play for the Dallas Desire, and I am a wide receiver and running back.

How long have you been with the LFL Cortnee and what made you decide you wanted to play football?

This is my first year in the LFL. After college softball, I wasn’t done competing and was looking for another way to be competitive and take my athleticism to the next level. Also with our Live Tuff project in the works playing a sport like this was a way for me to represent my brand and show strength, beauty and women empowerment.

I understand you are also a fitness competitor, are you still competing or has it been placed on the back burner with your time being devoted to football?

Yes I competed in both figure and Bikini divisions. I am not currently competing and really focusing my conditioning towards football.

Going backwards a little bit Cortnee, you also hold a BA in Psych as well as played college athletics? can you tell us a little more about that?

From the time I hit the ground my mom had me playing some kind of fitness activity. We drove an hour away sometimes just to do gymnastics, soccer, karate, etc.

She believed that fitness was a way to keep a strong mentality and strength in life. She was right, I learned how to mentally prepare for any event in my life.

You get what you put into sports, I have always been small and have had to really figure out each sport I played to figure out my starting position.

I guess that’s why psychology is so interesting to me. Every coach, every player has a rhythm. I like to figure that out and use that in my own fitness or business plan of attack.

I really wanted to play basketball in college but that did not workout, so again being mentally tuff I just knew I wanted to play college ball and help my mom out with the debt. It worked out, I played four years of scholarship ball and do not owe anyone a dime.

Sometimes you don’t get exactly the dream but if you can still get the same results then I consider that living tuff 🙂 it worked out just fine.

My mom encouraged me to keep going with my education. So I have completed my first year of my masters and hope to go attack my doctorate after that.

Since we are talking on the subject of college, fitness competition and the LFL, what are some of the accomplishments you are most proud of?

I think depending on where you are in your life those moments can change. My mom has to constantly remind me that “hey you have done more than most”.

I am always just looking for the next big adventure. Let’s see, I have all the usual ones From high school. But at this point in my life it was finishing college in 4 years playing ball and not owing a dime.

I stepped out of my box and competed in some fitness competitions. I was not really successful as in winning, but I learned a lot about my body and just being on stage with people judging every inch of you is really tuff.

I’m glad I did it. Living Tuff is really my motto in life. You have to keep going and striving for new goals. That’s why the “LFL” was so appealing.

Again I’m small and not really an aggressive person physically. So doing this put me in a position that was uncomfortable by nature.

So trying out was just a fun journey for me and being able to video it for “live tuff”. Then I made it! So now my journey has been to find my niche on my team and in the league.

Sounds like you have accomplished a lot for such a young age, what do you do when you want to get away from it all for a little bit and relax?

I don’t really know if I know the word relax. In my free time I enjoy riding motorcycles, Rv traveling and videoing for our website “live tuff”.

I really try to use free time to work on our “livetuffgirls” project. It’s a dream of mine and my mom to help women to be bolder and step outside their boxes and just go for it.

So that raises the question, what was Cortnee White like in her youth?

My mom would tell you I was always a pleaser, I just always wanted to do what the boys were doing lol.

If I was bad my mom would threaten me that I was going to have to be a cheerleader! I would just scream, I’m not doing that lol.

I played boys baseball ( I was a pitcher), I even was the first girl to make all stars. Then I played flag football, I think my mom knew sports was the one place I seemed to come out of my shell.

To this day, I still wanna do what the boys are doing, ha ha. I love watching sports on Sunday’s, riding motorcycles, and of course playing  football.

Take us through a typical day in the life of Cortnee White!

Almost every  morning I wake up about 3:30 or 4am to get ready to start my day as a personal trainer.

I usually get done by 11am grab some lunch then try to spend time working on video editing or projects for Live Tuff before heading back to the gym to get my own workout in.

Depending on whether I have practice or not I’ll usually make my way to a Starbucks and spend at least 4 hours working on my masters program.

Then by 5 I head to football practice that usually ends by 8pm. Most nights I am lucky to get to bed by 12 then up and at it again in a few hours.

With you holding a BA in psych, is that what you wish to pursue once you retire from playing in the LFL or what is it you would like to do down the road once your done playing?

At this moment I am still pursuing everything I want to do I have not stopped because of the LFL. So I will play as long as I still love playing and am able to do the things I want to do.

I love the mind and especially how it works in sports. So after my masters program I will become a Licensed professional Counselor.

From there I want to pursue in the direction of sports psychology and hopefully be working with professional athletes in the NFL or MLB, WNBA ect. If I am able to do all this while playing  or after I retire then that would be great!

Ok Cortnee, time to get personal here. Mexican, Asian or a good old fashioned cheeseburger?

Since I was tiny I would walk into any restaurant Mexican or Italian and ask for a cheesburger. Now I can’t do that as much now but my cheat meals are most of the time that.

What cd would we find in your car right now and do you have a favorite song that you listen to when psyching up for a big game?

I actually had an App radio system put in my car that doesn’t have a CD player. If I did have one I would for sure have a burned CD with everything from country, hip-hop, R&B and 90s alternative.

Before games in the locker room we bring our own stereo and just jam to a lot of fast paced and bumping Hip-hop to really get us pumped.

We all like the same kind of music so it usually is a mutual pre-game pump. On the plane ride or drive over to the arena I like to listen to bands like Linkin Park and Puddle of Mud to keep my head in the game.

What do you do or are there any rituals you go through before a game with your team?

I really just try to stay focused on what I want to accomplish in the game. Try to have game goals whether it be a touchdown or so many rushing yards.

Being in the field of sport psychology and understanding how to be mentally tough and visualize my outcome is a big part of my game ritual.

As a team we just try to stay pumped and go over plays so that everyone is on the same page. We also have a lot of fun, laugh and really enjoy each other before going into battle.

Going back to the subject of cars, what is your dream car and what do you currently drive?

I currently drive a 2012 mustang and have a 250 Honda Rebel and 250 Honda CBR. I have always loved sports cars. My mom bought me a 1998 Camaro with T-tops as my very first car and from there my graduation present was a 2010 mustang.

So being a mustang and muscle car girl my dream car would have to be a 1969 Mustang Boss 429. I love the old school muscle and power. Also would love a Shelby GT one day as well.

Who do you look up to for inspiration and why?

I have always looked up to my mother as you can tell most of my answers involve her.

My parents divorced when I was 12 and from then on my mom has played the biggest role in my life as both mother and father for me.

She is a small business owner with about 16 under her belt. She is a go getter and does it all, from being in the military, a probation officer, brown belt in karate, licensed cosmotologist, gym owner.. I could go on.

She has raised my brother and I by herself while juggling 2 business at a time to make sure we were taken care of.

She has made me the women I am today and continues to push me and be my number one supporter in everything I do.

She is selfless and works harder than any person I know. She continues to impress and inspire me daily, I can’t wait to lift our Live Tuff brand together and follow in her footsteps.

Thank you for your time Cortnee and I look forward to seeing you on the field soon!

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