Toyo Tires

You hear the name Toyo Tires and you automatically think of SUPER Trucks tearing up the dirt, catching insane air and the awesome sounds of those V8 engines as they pass you by. Well, lucky for us Toyo Tires has announced the company has extended its commitment as the Official Tire of SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks presented by TRAXXAS.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Stadium SUPER Trucks has competed exclusively on the Toyo Open Country A/T II tires, and is the 4th year that Toyo Tires has supported the series. These trucks put the Open Country A/T II tires through the test each time they hit the track. From putting the 600 plus horsepower to the ground to landing on asphalt tracks from insane heights and altitudes, this series is not for the weak.

“We are happy to support the ever growing Stadium SUPER Truck series,” said Amy Coleman, senior director of marketing, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp.  “The series is a great way to demonstrate the quality of our products to fans around the world, while its television coverage in the US continues to generate awareness of the Toyo Tires brand on American soil.”

“We are in our fourth year and we are very fortunate to have Toyo Tires as one of our first partners of Stadium SUPER Trucks.  We have raced in the X-Games, the LA Coliseum, to standing room only crowds at the Long Beach Grand Prix and in Australia,” said SST founder and president Robby Gordon.  “The tire is incredible.  It is really hard to believe we can use a production-based Open Country A/T II tire on a race truck like a Stadium SUPER Truck.  The competitors love racing on the tires.  We look toward having a long future with Toyo Tires.”


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