Soundstream Marine Audio

Looking to upgrade that old grungy marine audio system? your in luck! Epsilon Electronics Inc. is now shipping their SoundStream Marine and Power Sport line-up for 2017. Product will arrive in dealer showrooms during the coming weeks. 

The 2017 Soundstream Marine and Power Sport products include: speakers, subwoofers, amps and, of course, head units. These products have been fabricated with true marine grade engineering such as the circuit breakers for the head units being epoxy-coated to protect the components. To ensure the highest quality the Marine line is produced with no exposed metal or plastic components, making the products truly waterproof.

Not content to simply label their products as “waterproof“, Soundstream took the additional step of having the Marine and Power Sports line certified by International Protection Marketing. All products are constructed with IP65 watertight enclosure construction.

The MHU-325XM and MHU-32 head units are distinguished by their sleek aerodynamic styling as well as a conformal coated printed circuit boards and components. The MHU-32 digital media player is equipped with 32GB USB playback and Bluetooth V4.0. The MHU-32SXM also includes a 3.2” color TFT LCD display with Graphic User Interface. Both these units are now shipping and accepting orders.

The Marine 10” subwoofers are constructed with an injection-molded frame and grill which utilize a Centrex 814 UV Resistant Polymer. To further protect your investment, they are sealed internally within the frame structure.

The stylish and functional wake tower speakers are available in 6.5” or 8” models. These coaxial speakers exclusively use waterproof materials such as polypropylene-mica cones and a titanium dome tweeter. Additionally, rubber gaskets have been added around the tweeter bridge. They range from 300-600 watts.

Rounding out the line are the MC.65, MCS.80 and MCS.10 premium marine grade speakers. Depending on your preference, you may choose from a 6.5”, 8” or 10” model. Each set of these coaxial speakers come with both black and white grills included, adding to your choices. The electro-magnetic components are sealed internally within the frame structure, protecting your investment.

“This marks our second year featuring the Marine and Power sports line-up for Soundstream,” said Paul Goldberg, vice-president, sales & marketing for Epsilon Electronics. “This series is true to our company mission statement of offering consumers quality, products at an exceptional value.”


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