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Less than one year after the Valvoline brand introduced a revolutionary recycled motor oil that stands up to racing’s demanding standards and high-quality performance, Roush Fenway has decided to switch all its Sprint Cup and Nationwide teams to Valvoline NextGen motor oil technology for the duration of the 2012 NASCAR season. RFR will kick off the shift at the 54th annual Daytona 500 race on Feb. 26, 2012.

The announcement represents the culmination of a rigorous validation process that began last summer with drivers like Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards, and is a continued illustration of Roush Fenway Racing’s commitment to going green on the track while keeping performance paramount.

NextGen motor oil is made of 50 percent recycled motor oil and delivers 100 percent Valvoline quality, offering optimum engine protection in a product that’s also better for the environment. “Closing the Loop” – for professional drivers and everyday consumers alike – is a step towards reducing our dependence on foreign crude oil and preserving our existing resources by collecting and returning your used oil for recycling, and then refilling crankcases with NextGen.

“We couldn’t be prouder to have NextGen technology pumping through the engines of the world’s elite stock car drivers on the sport’s biggest stage at Daytona,” said Darryl Gaines, NextGen brand manager at Valvoline. “Having NextGen technology running in all of Roush Fenway’s racing engines is just one more way for people to be certain of NextGen quality.”


“The results of last year’s NextGen motor oil testing spoke volumes about its possibilities from a performance standpoint,” said Jack Roush of co-owner of Roush Fenway Racing. “We are confident that this recycled oil product will stand up to the rigors of our engines and it furthers our sustainability efforts in the process.”

High quality, stand-out performance and environmental benefits have helped make Valvoline NextGen motor oil the fastest-growing product introduction in Valvoline’s 140 year-plus history. NextGen innovation combines recycled base oil of the same quality as crude-refined base oil with Valvoline’s award-winning additive chemistry. The result is new oil made from recycling that exceeds API specifications and matches Valvoline’s stringent standards.

American cars and trucks use over 3 billion quarts of motor oil annually – and at least 800 million quarts are not disposed of properly.  Using NextGen helps ensure used oil doesn’t find its way into our water supply, where it can have a myriad of harmful effects; just one gallon of improperly disposed motor oil can contaminate up to one million gallons of drinking water.  Compared to production of non-recycled motor oil, NextGen’s recycled oil content is produced using 48 percent less fossil fuels, 40 percent less harmful and acidic emissions, and has 20 percent less global warming impact.

NextGen’s debut in the Sprint Cup Series is a journey that started last summer when NextGen’s racing formulation was put through extensive validation testing by Roush Yates Engines, earning approval from some of motorsports’ top teams. Roush Fenway Racing, home of Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth, started using NextGen recycled motor oil technology in competition to protect the engines of their stock cars.

“In some cases NextGen formulas actually outperformed our non-recycled racing oil,” said Doug Yates, co-owner of Roush Yates Engines and one of the foremost engine experts. “First and foremost, we are tuned in closely to performance, and there is no sacrifice with NextGen.”

With NextGen making the grade in the lab and on the track, our motorsports partners continued to incorporate the technology in an ever-increasing number of vehicles throughout the 2011 season. And it turns out that “going green” translated to winning on the speedway and for the environment, with Nationwide Series wins from Carl Edwards (Great Clips 300, Atlanta GA; 5-Hour Energy 200 in Dover, DE; Dollar General 300 Miles of Courage, Charlotte, NC) and Trevor Bayne (O’Reilly Auto Parts Challenge, Ft. Worth, TX) using NextGen recycled motor oil technology under the hood.

Roush Fenway is no stranger to “green” practices.  In fact, running NextGen technology in its vehicles is just one aspect of its sustainable operations.

“RFR is committed to sustainable operations – from our solar energy system to our waste reduction efforts. We recycle 96% of every race car, so the ability to use a high quality recycled motor oil that can help us win on the track and help the environment is a no-brainer,” said Roush.


The pros aren’t the only ones using NextGen. Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Pep Boys have teamed with Valvoline to bring engine performance and environmental responsibility together like never before.   Consumers can now return their used oil to participating retailers nationwide and purchase Valvoline NextGen to help “Close the Loop” and receive a special offer.

For committing to performance and the environment by returning used oil and refilling crankcases with NextGen, Advance Auto Parts will reward those who Close the Loop with a $20 mail-in gift card offer.

NextGen motor oil is available in conventional and MaxLife formulations. For further product information, visit www.NextGen.Valvoline.com.

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