ThirtyTwo JP Walker

Recently, JP Walker’s “Smoke Screen” part that was filmed entirely at The Spot drops was released on and YouTube. The goal of this video was to capture what 24 hours at The Spot is like for JP Walker.

In the early season, JP spends six days a week deep in the Utah’s Wasatch National Forest at The Spot. Along with Jeremy Jones, Seth Hout and the rest of the original SPOT bosses, JP has been spending the first months of winter up this way for 14 years.

From day and night time drone clips to a powerful time-lapse of the stars, this video with cameos of Blair McKinney, Jake Welch and Seth Huot provides a never before seen perspective of this DIY snowboarding spot. The Spot (@_thespot_) at Brighton (@brightonresort) was created by JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Seth Hout.

“JP has been relentless this season at The Spot, often times solo, stacking snow, chopping wood, hauling steal, or filming his own shots for his part. JP, as done many times before resets the standard with his ‘Smoke Screen’ part,” said Jeremy Jones.

“Proving with no budget, no ‘real’ filmers or photographers on set, a few of his friends to help him out here and there, that it’s possible to create something unique and showcase a healthy dose of smooth, stylish snowboarding and without question proper rail techniques,” Jones added.


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