Everyone loves silver tequila in the summer, but for winter Avión Añejo satiates the need for spiced warmth.  Aged for two years in American oak casks, Avión Añejo provides rich hints of vanilla, caramel, coconut and maple.  From selecting the finest Blue Weber agave to its ultra-slow filtration process, Avión Añejo is the epitome of artfully crafted tequila.  Whittle down your list by selecting a full-size bottle or The Tasting Flight, a mini-collection of all three varietals.  The retail price of Tequila Avión ranges from $40- $60 and varies by expression and state.  The Tasting Flight has a recommended retail of $9.99. To find where Tequila Avión is sold, visit www.tequilaavion.com.


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