X Maxx RC Traxxas

We have all heard that old saying “Size doesn’t matter!” well I have disagree with that, especially in the case of the new mega RC truck called the X-Maxx (839.95 USD) from Traxxas. This RC beast is built to take on anything in it’s path and with those HUGE 8″ tall tires, long arm suspension and a massive ground clearance of 4″ there is not much that will stand it it’s way.

But with having all this massive size, you must have massive power to back it up and once again the X-Maxx has you covered. With it’s Velineon 1600XL Big Block to propel this RC monster, the X-Maxx is extremely quick despite it’s enormous size.

Another very cool feature about the X-Maxx is the self-righting feature, nothing kills the fun more then having you RC roll over upside down and you having to hoof it to go turn you beast right side up. Now, with the press of a button (in most cases) the patent pending Traxxas innovation will flip your X-Maxx back over onto it’s wheels to get the action going again.

You would also be surprised at just how fast something of this size could move, with a speed of 35 mph your RC buddies had better make sure to stay out of your way before they become nothing more then a simple speed bump.


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